What is the Everyone Counts initiative?

Everyone Counts: The #BringThemHomeNow Educational Toolkit is a new and growing collection of values-based educational activities designed to inspire advocacy and activism on behalf of the innocent people still held hostage by Hamas.

Everyone Counts answers a simple question – “What can one individual do to make a difference?” – and provides avenues for taking action around the Jewish mitzvah (imperative) of Pidyon Shvuyim, hostage liberation. Educators and leaders can use Everyone Counts to engage individuals, families, communities, and institutions across diverse denominations, affiliations, backgrounds, and ages.

The imperative to free innocent victims is a universal value and basic human right that extends well beyond the Jewish community. Everyone Counts also includes strategies relevant to collaborative advocacy on behalf of humans in need around the world.

Educators, community leaders, families, and organizations across diverse denominations and affiliations can use Everyone Counts: The #BringThemHomeNow Educational Toolkit to guide learners toward immediate, effective advocacy and action on behalf of the hostages.

On the Everyone Counts homepage, select one of the five gateways for taking action. Explore the activities within, determine which ones might resonate with your learners, and download the “Facilitator Guide” along with any other materials. The Facilitator Guide can be used as a comprehensive lesson plan, curriculum building block, conversation starter, jumping-off point, and more.

If you or your organization would like to contribute educational content to Everyone Counts, we welcome your valuable voice and expertise. Complete this form to partner with us.

Everyone Counts’ five values-based gateways for educational content and taking action are: Freedom and Justice, Human Dignity and Compassion, Responsibility and Leadership, Peoplehood and Community, and Jewish Moments

These five gateways will lead you to many inspiring options for impactful learning and action around the Jewish mitzvah of Pidyon Shvuyim, freeing the hostages.

Everyone Counts: The #BringThemHomeNow Educational Toolkit can serve as a program or curriculum for your school, organization, or community. For an in-depth overview of how to use it, watch the launch video.

Jewish tradition teaches us that there is no greater mitzvah (imperative) than the mitzvah of redeeming hostages: Pidyon Shvuyim. At the time of writing, there are still 120 hostages being held by the Hamas terrorist group in Gaza. It is the unequivocal and indisputable responsibility of all Jewish people – and all humans – to work tirelessly towards the redemption of these hostages, and to keep them in the forefront of our hearts, minds, and souls.

This is also a moment for all of us to consider all hostages, across all countries, wars, and conflicts, and to jointly play a role in their release. The hostages held in Gaza must serve as a wake-up call to all people: we are not free to desist from working towards releasing them, and supporting their loved ones.

Everyone Counts: The #BringThemHomeNow Educational Toolkit is free and available to all individuals and organizations. You can use Everyone Counts on your own, together with family and friends, in your community, with your institution, and online.

We encourage parents, educators, leaders, and clergy members to integrate Everyone Counts into community and family gatherings, educational curricula, sermons, and more.

Everyone Counts: The #BringThemHomeNow Educational Toolkit was developed by M²: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education and Kol HaOt, in partnership with The Jewish Education Project in collaboration with the BringHershHome advocacy team.

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As you explore the website, add resources that resonate with you to your “Take Action Favorites” by clicking the heart under the resource description. Access your favorites any time by clicking the “Your Take Action Favorites” button in the main menu. 

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